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Must Visit Places In Mauritius

For many travelers, Mauritius is the perfect destination for Honeymoons and for the sun and beaches. However, there is so much more to discover and do in Mauritius other than just appreciating the beaches. This island has a lot to explore and fun things to do from historical places to its famous places of attractions …


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The Best Beaches in Mauritius

Most holiday-makers come to Mauritius for its sea, sun and sand. Mauritius being a tropical country homes many beautiful beaches along pristine blue lagoons across the island, and it is well known across the world for its surreal beauty.   Mauritius is a country that thrives on tourism due to its amazing beaches consisting of …


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Historical Places to Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is mostly known for its  golden beaches, fauna and flora along with a magnificent picturesque scenery that it offers, which makes it a dream destination for honeymoons and family getaways. Undoubtedly, Mauritius is a little tropical paradise for those who are in search


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Quel est l’avenir pour nos hôtels?

…   Quel est l’avenir pour nos hôtels à Maurice?   Le 19 mars 2020, trois personnes ont été testés positives au Covid-19 à Maurice. Ce sont les premiers cas de Corona virus enregistrés dans l’Île paradisiaque. Peu après, nous avons eu un couvre feu pendant 47 jours. Tout le monde faisait de leur mieux …


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