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Tour Operators Mauritius – A good Tour operator is necessary to travel to the best and most beautiful Attractions of Mauritius is very important. Having a bad tour operator in Mauritius can ruin your planned holiday. To the extend to make you waste thousand of dollar without even enjoying Mauritius.


What many Tour operator does not tell you, is that Mauritius has many free places to visit. No need to pay huge sum of money to go to these places. Just take out your google map, rent a car or book a Taxi and enjoy your day. Another important thing is to verify is the tour operator is registered on the Mauritius Tourism Authority website. Just to avoid bad surprise or fraud. We also recommend you to get a receipt for every transaction mentioning the activities or deal.


Best.mu is among the few tour operator that actually promote tourism in a fair way in Mauritius. Our tour operator have several package that need reservation that you may book with us. For package or attraction that is free of charge, we wont charge customer high travel cost. Encouraging our clients to take rental cars, scooters and visit the island instead of taking high day packages is among our policy.


We also provide details for places to visit even if customer does not want to book with us. We are among the best tour operator to assist our customer without any obligation to book with us. Our aim is not to make huge profit on your visit but to provide you with the best holiday ever!


To conclude, choose carefully for good tour operators in Mauritius. It is not necessary that you choose us, but always remember the advice in this blog.


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