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Covid19: Afraid of going to supermarket?



Covid-19: The second wave in Mauritius is indeed scary. It’s spreading fast, there is currently no cure for it with a growing number of cases every day. Under these circumstances, it’s understandable that people would be frightened.


With over 2 millions deaths world wide and 10 deaths in Mauritius, this virus has caused more of a psychological effect on people. Some of the public anxiety exhibited in the past weeks has been disproportionate to the risk posed by Covid-19 as we understand it today. While many Mauritian are roaming as if nothing happened on the street (some Cocovid O_O), others are staying safe at home and afraid of going out.



The psychological fear is so much that people are afraid of stepping out or going to the supermarket. So, why are we so afraid of coronavirus? The causes are multiple but some of them are the media and the number of death which caused a negative effect on our brain. We tend to believe that going out could actually risk our lives.



However, if someone take all the necessary precautions before going out, wearing proper mask, use of sanitizer to disinfect hand and most importantly not to touch any part of the face, nothing should happen to him. Unlike what people think, with the actual alphabetic system that the government had put in place, our supermarkets are not so crowded. After each usage, the shopping carts are disinfected and temperature is taken at the entrance. You can take your time and choose your products and then checkout. Do sanitize your hand before opening your car and keep your mask on.



Once home, let your items outside for some hours. After that remove your mask and wash your hand properly. If you want to take additional precaution, leave your clothes outside and take a bath immediately. That’s it, was it that hard?

Indeed, we should avoid going out too often however we should let go this fear. This is very important as now we need to learn how to live with corona virus. This virus will remain here for a long period of time and people should be able to cope, take precautions and continue to live even if life will never be like before.


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