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For many travelers, Mauritius is the perfect destination for Honeymoons and for the sun and beaches. However, there is so much more to discover and do in Mauritius other than just appreciating the beaches. This island has a lot to explore and fun things to do from historical places to its famous places of attractions where you will get to experience some unbelievably thrilling activities. These will surely make you want to revisit Mauritius for the nostalgic feel.


Below are some of our recommendations on the must visit places in Mauritius:


Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth



Considered as one of the must visit place in Mauritius, this is a spectacular geopark of rainbow-hued sans dunes ( approximately brown, violet, red, green, purple, blue and yellow) and is referred as Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth. This geopark is perfect for geology enthusiasts, nature lovers and for those who simply wants to know more about this rare phenomenon.

Geologists are still amazed and intrigued by this multi-colored lunar-like landscape, as the colors of the rainbow-sand dunes never erode despite torrential rainfalls or any adverse climate conditions. The best time time to see the Coloured Earths is more favorable during sunrise.

The geopark of Chamarel 7 Coloured Earths has been a favorite tourists spot since the 60’s. On the premises, you can find a tortoise park and children playground. Moreover, there are shops in the area that sells small test-tubes filled up with the coloured earths.


La Rhumerie De Chamarel Distillery



Located in the south east of the island and inaugurated in 2008, La Rhumerie de Chamarel has become a well known and must-visit place in Mauritius. Situated in the vicinity of the “Coloured Earths of Chamarel”, one of Mauritius’ most popular tourist attractions and must visit place while in Mauritius, the road leading to the Rhumerie is lined with vast plantations of sugar cane growing side by side with pineapples and other tropical fruits.


A truly unique tourist attraction, it encompasses a distillery and an agricultural plantation on an eco-friendly estate. You will get to learn all you need to know about run making at the distillery as well as getting the chance to enjoy a rum tasting session while discovering the unique flavors of rum manufactured by the distillery. Experienced guides will take you behind the scenes to provide a thorough explanation of the rum making process while you visit the distillery. You get to have an optional exquisite lunch as well their restaurant if you wish to.


La Vanille Nature Park



La Vanille Nature Park is a perfect place of attraction for  those who are on a family getaway in the island, and has always been on the list of the must visit place in Mauritius among many visitors. It is located in the southern region of Mauritius, in the village of Rivière des Anguilles. This reserve was founded in 1985 and was previously known as “La Vanille Crocodile Park”, but now its known as “La Vanille Nature Park”. The park is home to many endemic fauna and flora such as Nile crocodiles, iguanas, eels, tenrecs and turtles.


Upon your visit, you will discover and get in depth knowledge on a collection of animals’ fossil that are now extinct to Mauritius and the neighbouring islands, as well as learning on some insects’ species. Moreover, you get to opt to have lunch a their famous restaurant, Le Crocodile Affame, where you will discover some adventurous dishes as well as Mauritian dishes.


Casela Nature Park



Casela is certainly one of the most popular tourist attraction in this paradise island, making it a definite must visit place in Mauritius. It offers a variety of thrilling and fun activities to individuals and families. Located in the western part of the island, Casela is as world of Adventures. The park is divided in five zones and each has their own unique characteristics; Thrill Mountain, African Safari, Predator Kingdom, Rides and World of Events and Pangia Birds.


Visitors can try a range of activities such as quad biking, ziplining, trails, canyoning, and as well as visiting the famous African Safari animals which includes monkeys, giraffes, bid cats, zebras, impalas and rhinos. Moreover, they can have personalized activities such as walk with the lions, camel riding, giraffe feeding, tortoise feeding and petting farm and among other fun activities. This is a place to not  be missed out during your visit in Mauritius.


Trou Aux Cerfs



Being considered as one of the most popular tourists’ spot in Mauritius, Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano with a well-defined cone and crater. It is located close to the town of Curepipe and is surrounded by thick and lush green vegetation. It is said that it was erupted around 700 000 years ago, and has remained dormant since then, and experts believe that there is a probability that it can become active again. This place is certainly a magical and a mystery to many of us, making a natural phenomenon in this paradise island.


Trou aux Cerfs is famously known for its panoramic views where you can have a spectacular view of Curepipe and the Rempart Mountain, Trois Mamelles, and the obvious Moka mountain range, which perfect for photography enthusiasts.  You can get access to the spot through 3 main access points, that is, ‘La Hausse de la Louvriere Road’, ‘Crater Lane’, and ‘Edgar Huges Road’.


Trou aux Cerfs is also very popular socializing spot where you will find very often joggers in the morning, or some locals simply apprecaiting the views under the kiosk. This place should definitely be on your list of must visit place in Mauritius.


Pamplemousses Botanical Garden



This place is a jewel in the history of Mauritius and is Mauritius National Botanical Garden, commonly known as Pamplemousses Botanical  Garden or the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Garden.  The garden was initially built in 1736 during the reign of the French Governor, Mahe De Labourdonnais, in the island, and was mostly a private garden where he could grow the first spices. Then, years later, the French director Pierre Poivre introduced a variety of vegetables, fruits, spices and flowers. Today, the garden is home to over 600 plant species that have been brought over from different parts of the world.


The main attraction of the garden is certainly the pond of giant water lilies, the 85 different varieties of palm trees, the famous baobabs and the large spice garden.  Moreover, the SSR Garden is also home to different animals such as tortoises, deers, ducks and parrots. Upon your visit, you will also discover the old sugar mill that was built in 1953 and they were drawn by oxen to produce cane juice at that time. Also, the estate has the famous Chateau de Mon Plaisir which was founded during British colonialization in the 19th Century, and is now  considered as a National Monument of the island.


Beau Plan Sugar Mill ( L’Aventure Du Sucre)




The Beau Plan Sugar Mill is another sugar factory built in 1797 and was closed in 1999. It is considered to be one of the top historical places and must visit place in Mauritius. Beau Plan is now serves as a museum where it showcases the history of sugar in Mauritius as well as the practice of slavery to rum trade in the island. The tour of the museum will take around 3 hours where you will get a profound understanding of the history of the place through interactive sessions. Moreover, at the end of the tour, you will get to taste a variety of sugar that were originated from Mauritius itself.


Eureka House



Eureka House is another colonial mansion built in the early 1800’s. This place has now been converted into a museum, showcasing the life of the colonialists in the past. It holds its reputation as being one of the largest houses in the island with 109 doors and windows. The house is filled with antiques and old maps which are dated back to the 19th century and are very symbolic to the French East India Company. This Creole Mansion is certainly not a place to be missed upon your visit in Mauritius.


Blue Penny Museum



Located at the Caudan Waterfront, this should be a must visit place in Mauritius when you are in the capital city of Port Louis. It is a museum dedicated to history and art in Mauritius; it offers you an impressive experience about the past of the island through its colonial period and how Mauritius has developed over the years. The Blue Penny Museum displays a precious collection of stamps, paintings, old marine maps, sculptures, and old document. Strikingly, one the most famous highlights of the museum is the two issues of the “Post Office” stamp which goes way back to 1847 and is considered as the most precious items of worldwide philately.


This place is surely not be missed as you can educate yourselves more about the history and development of Mauritius. Moreover, there is a souvenir shop where you can have a variety of unique souvenirs from Mauritius.


Citadel Fort




This military building was built in the 19th century by the British, which also goes by the name of Fort Adelaide. It is a very popular site where panoramic views of the capital, Port Louis and the harbor can be seen from the top. The barracks of the fort have now been converted into boutiques where you can pick souvenirs from.


La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park



Discovered in 1998, the 23-coloured earth, La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park, remains a unique place of attractions till now among both the locals and tourists.  Nature lovers are bound to be attracted to this place through its indigenous fauna and flora, making it a must visit place in Mauritius. Visitors can discover a range of natural landscapes as well as experiencing a range of thrilling activities.  On your visit there, you will discover the famous fern garden, where there is also the national flower such as the Trochetia which only blooms at the end of every year. The park is also homes to monkeys, tortoises, stags, and birds such as the Pink Pigeon, Cateau vert, Paille-en-Queue, and among others.


Furthermore, there are four wonderful waterfalls that you can witness on your visit there, and fascinatingly, the 23-colored earth dating back to millions of years following the volcano eruption of Bassin Blanc. Activities such as quad biking and zip lining is a definite must-do among visitors there.


Chateau De Labourdonnais



Chateau de Labourdonnais was a large family estate that was built in 1859 and is one of the most popular place of attraction. This one of Mauritius national heritages where it offers you to experience the lifestyle back in the 19th century art of living , along with a visit to the rum distillery where you will get the chance to have a rum and fruit jellies tasting session. The estate will charm with its French flair as you will walk throughout the Chateau. Moreover, you will get to tour the gardens where there is a variety s of spice trees as well as exotic fruit trees.


The Chateau de Labourdonnais is also home to a souvenir shop and boutique where you can certainly enjoy some locally crafted handicrafts and products that you can take back home.



Mauritius being a little paradise has a lot to offer in terms of history as well as a range of natural and man-made landscapes. These above were some of our recommendations on the must visit places in Mauritius, however, upon your visit to the island, you will surely discover that this little gem has much more to offer.

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